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Vacuum Tubes for Amps

12AX7 Comparisons
12AX7 gain test
12AX7 vs 12AT7
12AX7 vs 5751
12AX7 vs 7025
5881 in Deluxe
5AR4 data
5AR4 Typing
5V4 for 5AR4
62 Twin Speakers
6550s in Twin
6EY6 Characteristics
6EY6 close to 6V6
6EY6 rating vs 6V6
6L6 GC meaning
6L6 Taste Tests
6L6 Types
6L6WGB vs 7581
6MB8 tube specs
6V6 6L6 swaps
6V6 duty cycle
6V6 NOS vs Sovtek
6V6 Ratings
6V6 Russian RCA Copies
6V6 to EL84 Cathode Resistor
6V6 Types
6V6EH Taste Test
6V6EH vs RCA Blackplates
6V6GT Types
6V6GT vs GTA
6V6s in 6L6 amps
7408 info
7581A tubes
7868 equivalents
Amperex history
Best 6V6
Blue Glow Sylvania
Breaking in Tubes
Breathe on tubes
Brimar Special Quality
Chinese 12AT7s
Chinese 6V6GTBC
Design Max Rating
EL34 coding explained
Euro Tube Code
Fuzzy Cathodes
GE and Sylvania
Groove Tubes 6V6HD
Groove Tubes testing
Groove Tubes
GZ34 types
GZ34 Varieties
GZ37 vs 5U4
How Are Tubes Made
Hytron tubes
ID Tube Makers
Identify Tube Makers
Is Tube Matching Needed
LV Visseaux 6V6 Warning
Making Tubes
Mazda History
Metal 6V6s
More M
New US 6L6GCs
No More Chinese 12AX7s
Overvoltage Effects
Phillips 6L6GB JAN
Photon Noise
Real Mullard GZ34s
RTV Tube Damping
Ruby 6V6GTBC
Sovtek 12AT7EH 5751 Test
Sovtek 5881 Confusion
Sovtek 5881 data
Sovtek 5881 for 7027
Sovtek 5881 specs
Sovtek 5881
Sovtek 5881WXT
Sovtek 6CA7 problems
Sovtek 6L6WXT+
Sovtek Midget
Sovtek Online
Sovtek page
Sovtek Tube specs
SPICE tube models
Standby Switches
Svetlana 6550s
Svetlana 6L6GC
Svetlana 7591A
Svetlana EL34 review
Telefunken placement
Telefunken Tubes
Tesla 12AX7
Tesla 6L6GC
Tomorrows tubes
Tube Amp Books
Tube Amp FAQ Feb 96
Tube Chickens
Tube Curve Tracers
Tube Data Page
Tube Data Web site
Tube Failures
Tube gas avalanche
Tube heating effects
Tube Manufacturers
Tube Mfgr Codes
Tube mismatch harmonics
Tube Naming Explained
Tube rejuvenation
Tube Relabeling
Tube Stability
Tube types
Tubes for sale
Tubes vs SS
Visseaux 6V6 Warning
Visseaux 6V6
Vudu Tube Replacement
What Does 6L6GC Mean
What is 5881
What is 7027
Which Rectifier
Why 5V rectifier vs 6
Why 6
Why Tubes Coated Inside
Worn Out GZ34s
YA tube page

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