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Ted McCarty. He was president of Gibson from the late ’40s until the
late ’60s. Under his leadership, Gibson entered what is called their
Golden Age for electrics. The acoustic, both flat tops and archtops,
weren’t as good as the pre World War II Gibsons, but the during this
period the electric came into it’s own. Some of the developments under
the McCarty regime include:
The McCarty Pickup/Pickguard (as found on the ES-300)
The P-90 pickup
The Humbucking pickup (designed by Seth Lover)
The tune-o-matic bridge
The Les Paul Solidbody
The Flying V, Explorer, and Moderne
The ES-335, ES-345, and the ES-355
The Firebird

Needless to say, without McCarty, Gibson would probally not have the
reputation they have today; and, of course, the guitars made in that
era, before being bought by Norlin, were some of the finest electric
guitars ever made. Just look at the prices for a ’59 Les Paul to see
what I mean.

As for the PRS guitar… from what I understand, it’s a tribute to the
Les Paul Standard.

Hope this helps.

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Ted McCarty did help design the McCarty PRS and is one of the most
important figures in the history of electric guitars.
He ran Gibson from 1948 to 1965 and in those years took a 150 employee work
force putting out 5,000 guitars a year and changed it to a 1200 employee
workforce putting out 100,000 guitars a year.
During his reign at the top he helped design the LesPaul, the Flying V, the
Explorer, the SG, the ES-335 line, the Firebird, the tune-o-matic bridge, the
humbucking pickup, the electric Epiphone line, he bought Epiphone for Gibson
and the first artists models including the Johnny Smith and the Barney Kessel.
Without his input and “OK” as the president of Gibson we’d have never seen any
of these models.


Ritualee wrote:

> who’s the guy that the PRS guitars are named for? did he design them? are
> they not named after someone?
> lee


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