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James Uther wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone knows the wiring for a strat+. The blurb says that
>it is a passive circuit that boosts as well as cuts frequencies (?). Anyway,
>I have fender-lace sensors on my home made chunk of noisy sculpture, and
>was hoping to add some worthwhile circuitry to it. Any help would be
> thanks
> jim

The Strat Plus and Plus Deluxe models use a Fender TBX circuit for the
bridge/middle pickup tone control. I think the American Standard does
too. It’s available for $25-$35 from Fender dealers, according to a
phone call I made a few weeks ago for another reason.

There’s a circuit diagram for the TBX in A. Duchossoir’s book _The
Fender Telecaster_. It uses a dual ganged pot with 250K audio/1M
linear resistances, an 82K resistor and a .22 MFD tone capacitor.
>From 0 to 5, it’s a normal 250K treble rolloff circuit. From 6 to 10,
the 1M resistance keeps some of the highs normally lost by the 250K
circuit. I guess “add” means “doesn’t lose as many as usual”

There was a posting here a few weeks ago about using higher
resistances in tone and volume controls to increase the volume and
highs you get from a pickup. The TBX is a clever way to apply this
principle in a single, relatively intuitive control.

I like having the TBX, but I find that if I want my Strat’s 2-pickup
combinations to sound “twangy” to my ears, I have to stay in the 0
to 5 range. I guess 250K pots are a subtle part of the traditional


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