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I got these cool pickups today. It’s a calibrated set of Lindy Fralin “69
Woodstock” single coil pickups. They came individually boxed with no
covers. The bobins were light gray with dark gray windings. Cloth wiring
added a vintage feel.

Let me explain the “69 Woodstock” pickups. These pickups try to replicate
the Jimi Hendrix sound. As we all know, Jimi played right handed Fender
strats, flipped them over and restrung them lefty style. To get the sound,
Lindy Fralin designed the pickups reversed wound and the staggered pole
pieces BACKWARDS! Very unique and creative!

The Sound:
Heres the most important thing. You wanna sound like Hendrix? These are
your pickups!!! I would venture to say they sound BETTER than Hendrix’s
sound. The pickups are sweet in positions 1, 3 and 5…in th 2 and 4
(inbetween pos..) the pickups have hum cancelling and a nice glassy
shimmery strat sound. They over drive nicely with a slight twang… nice
response. Thru my old black face Fender Super Reverb and a Tube Screamer I
got the cool sounds of Hendrix to the sweet sounds of Eric Johnson. These
pickups are actually copies of 50’s style strat pickups, reverse wound and
pole pieces reversed with a little magic thrown into it too…

Lindy Fralin pickups are sold as calibrated sets. They are HAND wound to
specs and his attention to detail is fantastic. The cloth wire is CUT TO
SIZE for you. Full wiring instructions and a 10 year warranty is included.
I have NEVER heard pickups that sound as good as these! Michael Landau uses
a set of these…(Anyone have the Burning Water CD let me know! I need to
get a copy and no one in Hawai’i has it for sale!!!)
Check em out! Tell em Scott from Hawai’i sent ya…

Interested parties please call Tweed Tone (authorized distributors) at
1-602 734-9306. No credit card orders, check or money order sent to:
4800 N. Calle Llanura
Tuscon, AZ 85745

Scott Yoshinaga
*I do not work for Tweed Tone or Lindy Fralin..these are my OWN opinions! I
am a Devoted Fan for Life!!


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