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I received this from the folks at Fender: No pound of flesh, no giving up
of children.Dear Valued Fender Customer,

Thank you for your recent letter and your interest in Fender.
As you may well know, Fender has just recently developed a site
on the World Wide Web. Our appearance on the Net has generated a
phenomenal volume of incoming E-Mail. We have, quite frankly, been
overwhelmed by this volume and regrettably have not been able to
respond promptly to your inquiries. We apologize for the delay in
responding to your letter and any inconvenience this may have caused
you. We now have in place additional personnel to assist in responding
to E-Mail correspondence and expect shortly, after catching up on our
backlog, to be able to give more timely responses. As always, we
continue to welcome your letters and hope soon to be able to give
you the same type of unmatched service through the Net, that you have
come to expect from any other contact with us here at Fender.

Thank you for your recent request for a replacement decal, and your
continued interest in Fender Instruments. In order that we may service
your request as quickly as possible, you will need to comply with this
list of procedures and submit the following to the nearest Authorized
Fender Service Center:

1. A written request,…stating the specific decal you need and the
reason you need it.

2. A photograph of the entire front of the instrument.

3. A photograph of the entire back of the instrument.

4. A close-up photograph of the headstock of the instrument showing
the need for a new decal.

5. If the serial number is on the neck plate, send either a close-up
photograph of the neckplate or a lead pencil rubbing of the neckplate
serial number.

The Service Center will then submit your formal request, your photographs,

and a letter of verification that your instrument is indeed a genuine
Fender in need of a replacement decal. If your request meets with the
criteria we have established for decal replacement, a new decal will be
furnished for you, to your Authorized Fender Service Center. The Service
Center may assess you a service charge for processing your request as well

as for the application of the decal to your instrument.

As far as the age of the bass is concerned,…if the neck date and serial#
are right for a ’68,…. then it’s a ’68.

Best Regards


Hope this is of use tyyo anyone looking for official stuff through
official channels


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