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Tolex Cleaner

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Subject: Re: Duct Tape Adhesive Removal?
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 00:42:30 GMT
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On Tue, 06 Jan 1998 15:05:43 -0800, Simply Steve

>P.S. almost forgot – so what IS the essencial difference between duct
>and gaffer’s tape? Look the same to me.

Hi Steve,

Apart from price, it’s the adhesive. Duct tape leaves adhesive on
whatever it was attached to, which then attracts dirt, sticks to your
hands etc….

Proper gaffer tape is a much finer cloth weave, and leaves very little
residue behind.

In answer to the original question (removing the glue), I use Servisol
Foam Cleanser 30 – this stuff is actually meant for use on Vinyl.
Spray it on and leave it for about 15 seconds, then wipe off with an
old T-Shirt, or whatever.

This works well at getting stains out of Tolex like beer, coffee,
ingrained cigarette ash and all the other stuff that gigging amps pick
up. Black Tolex actually comes up very black, just like new.

Try and keep it away from “black on aluminium” panels like Fender,
Music Man etc. front panels. If areas are worn, like round the volume
control, this stuff will make them worse….


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