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Good Pot Cleaners

From detritu–(at)–x.netcom.com Fri Apr 24 14:04:14 CDT 1998
From: detritu–(at)–x.netcom.com(Lord Valve)
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Subject: Re: Cleaning Pots and Jacks ????
Date: 24 Apr 1998 07:37:49 GMT
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In <354008DF.43AFEE3--(at)--rols.com> Andy Fuchs writes:
>Radio Shack sells a potentiometer cleaner. So does Chemtronics (MCM or
>Express in Ohio sell it),even WD 40 is Ok if th epots contain no
plastic. AF

Lord Valve Speaketh:
Do not, do *NOT* put WD40 into any piece of audio equipment you own,
unless it has squeaky casters on it. Radio Shack pot cleaner is crap.
Chemtronics is little better. EVERY major recording studio in the
world uses Caig Labs products. Preferred solutions for guitar amps and
other musician-type gear are D5S-6, DN5S-6, MCL5S-6, D100-2, MCL100-2,
and any of the Pro-Gold series. For all-around maintenance and
cleaning on musical equipment, a can of D5S-6 and a can of MCL100-2
will take care of 99% of the dirty pots and switches you may encounter.
I believe their website is http://www.caig.com . You guys out in the
boonies can mailorder it from me…e-mail for details.

Lord Valve
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