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Fix Stripped Baffle Screws

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From: Rich Koerner
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Subject: Re: Help: Removing grille from s/f Fender DR
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Charlie Metcalf wrote:
> I wasn’t satisfied with my speaker’s performance and somebody
> suggested I check to see if the mounting bolts were tight. I did and
> found three were loose.
> One of the three tightened up just fine. The other two just turn and
> turn. The bolt is turning along with the nut. What I want to do is
> remove the grille cloth & assembly, so that I can fix the bolts so
> they won’t spin while the nuts are being tightened.
> Anybody know how to do this? Thought I’d ask before trying anything
> myself and risking damaging my gear.
>* Charlie Metcalf *

I trick I have done many times calls for a little crazy glue.

Note: read the label and follow the caution instructions.

Take the speaker out again. Using your hand in between the grill cloth
and the baffle create a space lifting gently the grill off the screw
head. Then with your other hand turn the screw til the head is out
about a quater of an inch. Put just a drop on the underside of the head
and a few of the threads. Then from the inside turn the screw till the
head is back down flush with the front again.

Before you put the speaker back in, run a bead of crazy glue around all
four of the screws where they come out of the wood. When it dries, take
some WD-40 and spray a few drops on the threads of the screws and run
the nuts all the way down them and back up. If they get tight, work
them a little at a time. Most of the time this works if the threads are
not stripped but just a bit of rust and dirt is the problem.

If they are stripped, replace them with Black 10/32 bolts ant T-Nuts.
For that you will have to remove the grille cloth.

Hope this helps,

Rich Koerner,
Time Electronics.