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DIY Coil Winder

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From: Steven Milberger
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Subject: Book: Build a Universal Coil Winding Machine
Date: 7 Aug 1995 14:21:05 GMT
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I recentlyl came across an excellent book on building a
device to wind coils. This book would be usefull for
anyone wanting to wind their own pickups or even
transformers. The coil winder in the book does require
some machine shop ability, just as a warning.

Build a Universal Coil Winding Machine
David J. Gingery

PO Box 9123
Springfield, MO 65801-9123
$8.95, 24pp.


This book looks like a “DIY” job, ie, self published, but
the info in the book is worth the $9.00, IMHO.


Steve Milberger