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Subject: Re: Source for Eyelet board??
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Mike Rejsa (mike–(at)–rimenet.com) wrote:
: Does anybody have a source for the Fender style ‘eyelet’ board…

Mark Baier at Victoria Amps sells them, both bare and loaded with components.
I think you can also find a limited selection of them in the Mojo Musical
Supply catalog.

Victoria: 708-369-3527
Mojo: 800-927-6656

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Subject: Re: Source for Eyelet board??
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Most large CASE makers, e.g. Anvil, etc also make black fiber drum cases.
This material, although slightly thinner than original will serve well.
It is very tough, and you will have to drill holes for the grommets
(eyelets) which are ordinary brass grommets available at complete hardware
stores. Make sure they are solid brass and not merely brass plated. Get
an eyelet “setter” too, the tool you smash them down with. Tally Ho.