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Polypropylene Caps

From MLJS45–(at)–rodigy.com Mon Sep 4 17:11:53 CDT 1995
From: MLJS45–(at)–rodigy.com (James Mcshane)
Newsgroups: rec.audio.tubes
Subject: Re: Caps, caps and more caps.
Date: 4 Sep 1995 18:26:07 GMT
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Suggestion: Try a vendor who carries an inexpensive copper leaded
polypropylene cap. One of my favorite sources is Handmade Electronics
(610) 432-5732. They carry Solen/SCR and Nichicon, both I believe you’ll
like better. Get a catalog and browse ’til you find what you want.

JAMES MCSHANE MLJS45–(at)–rodigy.com