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Subject: Victoria 3 x10″ review
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Just thought I’d pop in with a few non-technical notes on my impressions
of the Victoria, now that I’ve had it for 6 months.

This model is about a 30-watter, modelled after the 58-59 Bandmaster with
3 10″ speakers, the speaker of choice being the MojoTone 10″ alnico for
the present ( I think Vic is moving over to the Soverigne as soon as it’s
in production).

Construction of the cabinet is 10 on a scale of 10.
Wiring and assembly of the chassis would be an 11, maybe. I’ve never seen
anything so perfectly laid out and executed. This amp looks like it would
be the last thing standing after a thermo-nuclear explosion.


Best clean tone I’ve heard in a long time, practically perfect.
It doesn’t begin to distort or get a nice rasp in it- a quality I’d call a
“brown” sound- until you’re up around 9 or 10 on the volume control (
goes to 12), though- this both through my 68 335 and the Tele I have
equipped with the Anderson pu’s.
Loudness: I read a review several months ago that said this amp was
suprisingly soft, andlacked volume. That may be true if one uses the
low-gain input ( closest the front of the amp) but on the normal inputs
I’d say it compares pretty closely to the volume levels I used to get from
BF Deluxe reverb- It just doesn’t distort as early and the way Victoria
has calibrated the voume controls, there’s a lot more variability
available within the clean range.

Complaints? Nearly none: I’m not a big fan of the Mojo Tone speakers and
would like to try it out with Kendricks or Celestions, and I’ll probably
swap out for the Soverigns when they come out if they’re anything near as
good as I hear they’re supposed to be.

I’d have little hesitation to recommend this amp to anyone who wanted an
extrememly well-constructed version of a Fender-style amp.

aka “jbard–(at)–sumc.edu”