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Subject: Kendrick (flame bait ?)
Date: 17 Oct 1994 12:16:31 GMT
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I’m sure I will get flamed again but here goes. Be careful about buying
Kendrick. A buddy of mine bought a Kendrick Tweed Bassman head. This head
is supposed to be a reproduction of a tweed bassman circuit with the addition
of a tube driven effects loop. He bought the unit 5 years ago. At that time,
it was going for $900. Unfortunately, the thing really didn’t make it. It was
full of really cheap overseas parts. It had cheap plastic jacks, toggle
switches that had no “clunk” to them, etc. The entire amp was wired with
white plastic insulated wire with extreme flanging on the ends due to poor
soldering. My buddy called Weber up and complained about the quality of the
pots, switches, etc and was told: “I never promised that the amp used American
parts”. I couldn’t believe it when my buddy told me that. The sound of the amp
was really “wooly”. It had no clean tone to speak of, and didn’t have a smooth
overdrive at all. The overdrive was very gritty and buzzy sounding. At one point,
my friend returned the amp with jacks and switches for Weber to install. There
were patches also with a broken part repaired with epoxy rather than replaced.
I’m sorry, in a $900 amp, I find this unacceptable. Even with all these problems,
when my buddy offered it to me at $350 I thought that I’d have to buy it ‘cuz
it seemed like such a good deal but after playing through it for a couple of
hours, I couldn’t even justify spending $350 ! I think almost any fender
blackface bassman amp blew that thing away.


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