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Here are some dry legal tidbits concerning Acro and Dyna.

The first company registered was Acro Electronic Products Co. and is in
file #2915 at the Bureau of Corporations in harrisburg, Pa. My short
notes doesn’t have a date for this filing.

File #2915 shows that the previous company was changed to Acro Products
Mfg. Co. on 2-21-61.

File # 0294285 is for Quaker City Transformer Co. and was filed on

The original filing with the state for Dyna Co is in file #101283…sorry
don’t have the date noted in my scratchings.

CBC Industries Inc. whom acquired many of the assets of the Acro company
through bankruptcy proceedings was located in Kensington . To my
knowledge and based on conversations with one of the prinicpals of CBC
this company never did produce any new products with the Acro name but
simply liquidated inventories that they acquired.

To this day the engineering archives of Herb Keroes have never been
located in their entirety (or even significant portions thereof). I did a
lot of legwork on this and contacted many business associates and family
members and etc. The only complete blueprint ever recovered was for the
Acro TO 350 transformer and then through a very circuitous and
surrepititous route. Paul has extensive knowledge of the construction
details and building practices of the tranneys… and can recite many of
the intracies of the designs. A family member gifted me some
miscellaneous books, articles under construction for magazines, and papers
that Herb had with him from his last trip to his home in Pa. Paul has
told me that Herb was never one for tidy paperwork (I guess I follow in
his path on that number) and that when he first worked for Herb…Herb
would write down the winding instructions on scrap pieces of paper from
memory and give them to the winder.

Much of the genuiousness of Herb’s transformer designs is covered by his
patent. The two numbers that I have handy are patent #’s 2 710 312 and 2
680 218. The earlier is probably the tranney patent and the latter the
jointly held “UL” patent with David Hafler.


Herb Keroes died on Nov 10 1971 and is buried in the Mount Sharon cemetary
in Springfield, Pa.

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