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From: Tom Kochie
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Subject: Clark Beaufort comments, Tweed Deluxe clone
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Subject: Re: clark beaufort
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 16:36:44 -0500
From: Tom Kochie
To: Steve Turner ,
sterlin–(at)–ate.net, sworti–(at)–eb.harvard.edu


Yes I got the amp on wed. after waiting for 4 months. If you are after a
bluesy tone this amp has a tone of it! I previously owned a Blues Deville
(too loud and heavy), Marshall jtm30 (too thin sounding), Blues Jr.
(to cheaply made & poor reverb), Re-issue Reverb deluxe (ticking tremelo
& not enough overdrive), Hot Rod deluxe (bad overdrive sound & reverb), ‘
61 Princeton (not enough headroom, no reverb). I’ve played though
Tweed Champ’s and early other early Princetons (all no reverb and not
enough headroom)

What does the Beaufort have that the others don’t ?
– Very well made, no cheap contruction here. Laquered tweed is nice!
– Very portable
– Tons of bluesy tone
– Just right at home recording amp and small gigs, not too loud.
– Very nice hand built 3 spring reverb.
– Very interactive with your playing touch and guitar volume.

Things I don’t like about the Beaufort:
– Reverb controls are inside the back and hard to reach. Not
really a problem if you set it and forget but I switch
from Dick Dale surf to more subtle when gigging.
– I haven’t played with it live yet so I’m not sure if there is
enough headroom to gig with a drummer. I ordered the 6L6’s
check out this feature, plug and play without re-biasing.
– Mine had kind of a jangling filament sound on ceratin notes. I
(not M. Clark or Bob at Perfect note) isolated this problem
to the power tube filaments rattling when amp is cranked a bit.
I’ve been told this is the classic microphonic tube syndrome.
I have replacements on the way from Clark.
– You won’t get a really clean sound from the amp like
a 4×10 Bassman, Twin, or Hot Rod deluxe.
– I was not that impressed with Micheal Clarks customer service/people
skills. A bit on the arrogant side. Bob at the Perfect Note on the other
hand more than makes up for Clark’s customer skills.
– I think the name plate on the front is a bit cheesy with the
“Clark” lable. I’d like to replace it with an original “Fender” name
plate or have Clark upgrade this with something a bit more worth of
the $1500 price tag.

All in all I couldn’t be happier with the amp (so far). I had a chance
to play through an external cabinet when trying to isolate microphonic
tube problem and it sounded KILLER! (If the old Blues thing is what you
are after) An ext. cab with 4×12 or 2×12 really allows the amp to open
up and do it’s thing!

I see the Clark prices are going up 15% again.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Steve Turner wrote:

> Did you ever get your amp? Just curious on what you think. I am
> thinking of one also