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Don’t forget the Doors with their the wall of Acoustics onstage.

Ah, yes. I assume you’re refering to the infamous Hollywood Bowl setup
where we rounded up every Acoustic amp we had at the factory plus swiping
amps from various groups. Interesting historical note: If you see any
pictures of that concert, look at the front of the stage, right in the
center. You’ll see my camera bag. I was shooting pictures of the
rehearsal, and left it there.

I was backstage when the Doors started their set. Robbie plugged into his
Acoustic wall of amps and nothing came out! I watched on the closed
circuit TV as they did a closeup of Robbie. Then I saw it, he didn’t push
the cord from his guitar all the way into the jack. I headed for the
stage – only to be met by a guard at the door who said “you can’t go out
there, the show has started.”

After some choice terms regarding his linage and mentality, I was
escorted back to the backstage area. Finally, I just said, “Fuck it” and
went home. The next morning, I went back and picked up my camera and case
>from the center of the stage. (Yes, it was still there.)

> The old Acoustics were the only diversion into Solid State land that I
> enjoyed. My only complaint was that their builtin distortion or,
> better called, fuzzbox sounded pretty bad(sorry Harvey) but the clean
> tone was great.

Mea culpa. Actually, now it can be told: It was a straight swipe of the
Mosrite fuzz, which I thought was the best fuzz around at the time. Don’t
forget, this was all pre-Hendix, who knew?

Harvey Gerst

Indian Trail Recording Studio
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