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Blues Stencils

These are a few stencils that I have created. Print them out, cut out the black parts and then use a spray can to mark your territory with blues masters.

The stencils are GIF files, 512 pixels wide. When you print them, check off "fit to page" in the print dialog box. The images are all negative images of the small images here.


Charlie Musselwhite

Buddy Guy

Jr. Wells

Little Walter

Little Walter

Muddy Waters

Rick Estrin

Rod Piazza


Print out the stencil as large as you can.

Tape the stencil to a piece of carboard and cut out the black areas with an Xacto knife.

In order to preserve "islands" like Muddy's eye, you have to tape the loose shape to a wire or several threads to keep its position. You can try leaving a few thin strips of paper to hold it in position.

Aluminum or White paint is the best for dark surfaces. Black for all others.

The road in front of your house is a good place to practice.

The stencils may be appropriate for your uncle's 1975 GMC pickup, but is not appropriate for your mother's Ford Taurus Wagon.