Premier Twin Amplifiers

Late 1950's Model T12R Twin 12 amp with reverb and tremelo. R stands for Reverb. The tremelo fails on these amps, and I haven't been able to repair one.

1960's Model T12R amp. 2x12" Jensen Speakers, 6V6 Power Tubes, Tremelo, Reverb.

An here's another 60's Twin 12.

I just got these nice pictures from Don D. who writes: "Here's a photo of my 1961 Premier Twin 8. Tube configuration is a 6X4 rectifier, two 12AX7 pre-amps, (one for 1st gain stage, the other to drive the tremelo circuit), and a 7591A power tube (single ended, class A.) A pair of 8" alnico speakers, this baby absolutely barks killer harp tone. Surprising amount of bass from those two little 8's, rich, creamy overdrive, great sounding harp amp. Twin 8's "rule" for harp, except you gotta mike it for loud gigs. I'm convinced a rig made up of a dozen Premier Twin 8's cabled up in parallel would be the ultimate harp rig! "

I love the "Widows Peak". If Eddie Munster had played guitar, this is the amp he would have used.

Here is an original "instruction sheet" from Phil. He bought a pristine Twin-8 on eBay with the original bill of sale. His is the 7591 kind.

This one is from Andrew who Writes:
Here is a shot of the 50's Premier Twin 8 I have. The tube layout as far as I know is 2 12AX7's (one drives the amp, the other the tremelo), a 6V6, and a 6X4 tube (Possibly, I just put it in and no fuses have been blown and everything seems to work ok). Its a little ragged on the bottom ,but its a sweet amp with a nice perfect tone thats between raw and clean. In my opinion, the ideal harp amp for any occasion. Its a little different than the other Twin 8 on your site, notice the top isn't two-tone with the wood paneling. Preferable mic with this amp is a Electrovoice 638, or an Astatic Biscuit Mic with a Crystal Element.

Here's a newer Twin 8R from eBay. Cheaper speakers and particle board construction, but it still has the colored knobs! The beer ring on top proves that it was loved.

Here's a couple of Twin 8's (no reverb or Tremelo) off of eBay. New Handles, a missing back, swapped speakers and one is missing the logo and the colored knobs, but probably very playable.


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I began collecting data about the microphones used by blue harp players before there was an internet. I began organizing it into in the late 1990s. I accumulated more stuff than I remember. This is some of it.

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A collection of songs and riffs that I’ve worked out over the years, plus some libraries of stuff I’ve converted to tablature. I’ve included most of the notes and instructions that helped me when I was learning to play blues harmonica.

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