Premier Schematics

I have collected a few schematics. Premier service books have not yet turned up so the schematics that I have are, for the most part, done by hand. I have been trying to clean them up and make them readable.

Please, if you are a good draftsman and know how to draw up a circuit, I would love to add them here.

Some of these schematics are big, so expect the download to take some time. I have converted the images to Adobe Acrobat format which does a good job compressing them and makes them easy to view and print.


Here's a beautiful new schematic from Woody for the Premier Model 76 (249k).

I have another schematic, hand drawn from Multivox, for the Model 120. This is different from the ones below. It has 3 12AX7, a 12AT7, 2 6V6 and a 5Y3. Here is the scrubbed Gif format at 600K and here is the PDF at 1.7 meg. The Gif format may be better, but I included the orginal, also. There is a dark crease running down the middle that makes it hard to read.

Model 120 - 285K Two 6V6 tubes, 3-12AX7 and a 12AT7 with a 5Y3.

These are two new versions of the 120 in Gif format: 120 size 33K, 120 size 115K. Each is slightly different from the one above.

1960's Model 50 - 9K 7591, 12AX7 tubes with a solid state rectifier.

Twin 8 - 130K 2-12AX7, 6L6 and 6X4 rectifier tube.

1960's Twin 8 - 163K 3-12AX7, 6L6 with a solid state rectifier.

Model 90 Reverb - 119k 6AQ5, 6EU7 with a solid state rectifier

1950's Model 50 - 112K 12AX7, 6L6, 6X4. Thanks to Tom Leslie for this beautifully done schematic

Model 88 Diagrams - John Appleby has done a tremendous job diagramming his Model 88. This is the original 88, not the 88N. This is a wiring diagram and not a schematic and some of the component values were not readable, but it should help anyone trying to work on their early 88. Also the PDF file is quite large, nearly two megs so you may have to wait a bit on modem lines.

1940s Model 50 - 5Y3, 7C5 & 7C7 tubes. Nice job by Elroy.


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