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Juke Harp Tab

This is an execise in Javascript. This page is generated dynamically through JavaScript to show the tab for the first 12 bars of Little Walter's Juke. This is not the actual way that Walter played these notes. It is an example of stepping up the blues scale which is what Walter did.

I haven't made up the tab graphics for overblows and the blow bends, so if you see a bad image, you can right click on it for clue as to what it's supposed to be.

I some cases (like first position low octave) the notes go off the harp so I add an octave to keep the notes on the harp.

This is good for learning new positions and places on the harp.

By clicking on the options here you can see how the tab looks in a other positions and places on the harp.

Cross Harp

Second Position - low octave (the default)  
Second Position - Middle Range  
Second Position - High Range
Straight Harp

First Position - low octave
First Position - Middle Range
First Position - High Range
Third Position(Slant Harp)

  Third Position - low octave
Position - Middle Range
Position - High Range

Click on notes to hear the tone - key of G. (I know it's a piano, but it's what I've got right now).

Select a key above to view tab

I am looking for other songs to run through this java script and I hope to get another few done soon.