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Know your Mic - Astatic Microphones

In addition to the mics shown here I am looking for pictures of other Astic mics, including:

Model 60 Biscuit mic - like the JT30 with brown back and grill, but the body is not as deep and the grill doesn't have the fancy "DeSoto" look. These were favored by Little Walter and William Clark. There is also a model with the chrome grill.

Model D104 Crystal

Astatic's first microphone made in 1933.

Model 820 Crystal "The Globe"

1946 model crystal non-directional high fidelity.

30-10,000hz @-56db

I have never seen one of these.

Model 600 Crystal "The Conneaut"

Streamlined 1946 design named after the town where Astatic is located.

Polar Pickup pattern semi-directional 30-10,000@-52db.

This has to be the rarest and coolest microphone that Astatic has ever made! I'll find one at a garage sale eventually.

Model K2

Small dual diaphragm crystal. 30-10,000hz @ -60db.

Model WR-20 Crystal

Studio, PA and high quality recording Dual Diaphragm, Smooth frequency response. Two or four internal cartridges.


WR-40 (four cartridges)

Model 10DA Dynamic

Semi-Directional dynamic microphone designed for filter type S.S.B. equipment. 300-3000 HZ, Hi Z EIA 40,000 ohms.

Also model 10C ceramic, N-30,N-30-S,N-80, and N-80-S

Model 150 Crystal for home recorders and paging. 30-10000 hz. Recommended load over 1 mega-ohm.

Also model 151 Ceramic

Model 200-S Crystal - 'The Velvet Voice' for PA's, home recording and Amateur communications. Gold with chrome grill.

'Ultra-Smooth' 30-10,000 hz. 1 Mega-ohm impedance.

Also 241-S Crystal with rising response from 1500-5500

Model T-3 Crystal - "The Pioneer" bright chrome. Uses same cartridge as JT-30.

Very, very cool for harmonica.

Model DN-50 Dynamic. Low impedance dynamic mic "The Commentator". Gray Hammerlin with Chrome Grill. 50-10,000Hz

EIA 38 ohms.

Also DN-HZ in High Impedance

Model JT-30 Crystal "The Spokesman". High quality mic for PA, Recording and communications use. Gray Hammerlin finish with chrome grill. 30-10,000hz. High impedance over 1 mega-ohm recommended.

also JT-30C Ceramic.

The BLJT30-P from the 70's was flat black with a black grill.

The JT-40 had a "rising response" element.

The W-80 is a military brown version of the JT-30.

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