Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 02:48:23 -0800
Subject: New Amp :-)

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd drop a little message out giving a review of my new amp.

For years I'd beed playing my harp through a solid state Fender keyboard amp.
I tried everything to get a good, fat tone, but finally decided that it was
impossible. I settle on a cheap Boss Overdrive pedal hooked to the effects
loop. It really didn't matter too much because I mostly played at home and
occasionally, I would jam with some friends.

Well, this year, me and a couple guys at work decided to put a couple of sets
together for our company Christmas party. Just some standard blues Xmas
tunes from the Alligator Xmas album, Blue Yule, etc. Well, I decided my
keyboard amp wasn't going to cut it for a real gig, so I broke down and
decided to try out some tube amps at Guitar Center.

I have had my eye on the new Fender Blues-series for a couple of years now,
but have resisted trying them out for fear that I'd spoil my ears and *have*
to buy one. Anyways, I took my harps and Blues Blaster in and started

I decided to start small and work my way up. First I tried the new Blue
Deluxe, Jr. which has 1-12" at 15 watts. OK, but not great. So I moved up
to the next one. The Blues Deluxe with 1-12", 40 watts, and dual-channels
with extra gain on one channel. I immediately liked what I heard. Since I
had the amp volume at 3 (of 12) and was causing ear-bleeding to the other
store customers, I decided that I didn't need to try the more powerful (and
expensive) 60 watt Blues DeVille models (with 2-12" or 4-10"). And for $419
(only $100 more than the measly Jr.), I thought it was a steal.

Well, I've been playing with it now for over a month and I am happier with it
every day. The more I play and fiddle with the adjustments, the more I like
the sound. I think I've just about got the controls to where I like them and
am ready to play my ass off. I feel like a real harp player now. The gain
channel rules because I can keep the volume really low (about 1) and still
get a fat, overdriven sound. Of course, its still pretty loud, but as I
become more deaf...

Anyways, I just thought I'd let everyone know how pleased I am at this guy.
I mean it looks great, sounds fairly good, and is cheap as hell
(relatively). Of course, I realize that I'll never get the sound that James
Harman gets out of his '63 Vibroverb/Reverb customized conglomerations, but I
also ain't got thousands of spare dead presidents lying around getting dusty.

Anyone else have a good (or bad) experience with one of these?

Chris "Red" Anthes

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