From: Winslow Yerxa <;>;
Date: 30 Nov 95 19:35:04 EST
Subject: plastic harps


Stuart Dole and Mike Curtis banter thus:

>;>; I remember plastic reeded harmonicas as a child. They were terrible. Was
>;>; the Yamaha supposed to be a professional grade harmonica, or a toy?
>;Professional grade. Part of a project using supercomputers to model
>;elastic solids or something... maybe.
>;Yeah, I recently bought an all plastic harmonica at WalMart for $0.99
>;or something -- it barely makes a tone at all! Definitely NOT
>;diatonic. But I'll buy anything that looks like a harmonica...

So will I, and I always feel silly when it turns out to be
useless junk. I always keep Tom Waits' penchant for toy pianos and other
weird but useful instruments as a goad to the irrational edges of
my harmonica lust.

Might the person who reported the plastic reeds have mistaken the
plastic *valves* for reeds? I *have* seen rather heavy plastic
reeds in use in small, inexpensive reed organs (I remember tuning
one sometime in the '70's).

Winslow Yerxa
Harmonica Information press

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