From: Andrew D. Gallagher <;GALLAG~ANMAIL.SHU.EDU>;
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 11:31:54 -0500
Subject: harp-l-digest V1 #214 -Reply

I have a question regarding to tuning to a guitar. In one of the
books I have it tells me to tune each guitar string to the
corresponding notes on my C harp. If I do this will this mean that
the guitar player is only in tune with my C harp or will all my harps
work with their corresponding keys.
The reason I ask this is because the last time I jamed with a few of
my friends the guitarist asked me to give him an E chord, so I blew
on the first four holes of my E harp. This was fime when he was
playing in E, but when he switched chords my other harps did not
match to the guitar. Now I know the way the harps work in regards to
a guitar, meaning count up four to play cross harp, I even have a
handy little chart that I carry with my harps, just to make sure. So
anyway is this method of tuning each string to its corresponding not
on my C harp the right way to tune to a guitar player?


P.S. As I have posted earlyer I am still looking for lessons in the
N.J. area. If anyone would be interested please E-mail me.

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