From: Tinus <;>;
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 14:51:26 +0100 (MET)
Subject: re: overblowing

The best thing I can think of when you want to hear what an overblow
sounds like is what I read in the Harp Handbook by Steve Baker ( never bought another
harp book after this one ). When you play a overblow you are in fact blowing on the
draw reed. For some reason blowing on a draw reed or drawing on a blow reed makes
the reed sound almost half a note higher than the pitch it is tuned to.
To try this take of the cover plates. First try it on a note you can bend
( 4 draw for example ) Put your finger on the draw reed and try to draw the bend note out.
If this works you should be able to get a clean bend note. The same principle works for overblows, put your finger on the blow reed and try to blow the overblow note by moving about with your tong.
The main difference between the sound of overblows and bends is that in bends both the
draw and blow reed move and sound and in overblows only one of the reeds
sounds. ( if both reeds sound you get a loud strange honk or a screaching squeek)
With only one reed sounding the overblow sound a little less woolly,
there seem to be fewer overtones. I does help a lot to now what the tone you are trying to get souns like, I used a chromatic but i gues that anything that can give you the right pitch will help.

This is the first time I'm mailing something to this list so I might as
wel introduce myself. I'm Tinus, student at the Technical University Delft, trying to become a
civil engineer. Specializing in software engineering. In january '95 I decided I wanted to become a jazz musician but I coudn't afford to buy a trumpet or a sax, so I bought a marine band and a book on bending. After I got the Harp Handbook I got the overblows too. I don't know what it is like with you
lot, but ever since I got my first harp I have been playing all day almost every day. Most
people seem to think I have gone mad because sane people apperently do not play the harmonica.
Musicians I meet think I'm mad because I have this crazy notion that a harmonica is a
musical instrument. I'm not in a band though I would like to be, I'm still working on that one.

Oh Yes there where some questions too;
I bought some replacement reedplates for a Meisterklasse MS last week,
they are tin plated and cost approx. $30. This week I found some MS
reedplates for $15. These are not tin plated and the reeds are a different material or
something. Does anybody know what the exact difference is and if there are more
different types How does the different material influence the durability?

Well, I'll go back to practicing my scales now


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