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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 18:48:29 -0500 (EST)
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Since there can be concern over leaving gear in our vehicles, in particular,
crystal element microphones, but even harps or anything else we'd rather not
have ruined or stolen, here's an idea I picked up from a photography mailing
list.....Buy one of those cheap, styrofoam coolers to store such items in.
They're not especially seductive to potential theives and are excellent for
protecting mics, etc. from extremes in temperature.

Another thing, there is of course lots of good info flowing all the time here
onlist. Sometimes, I print out some relevant material to slip into the LP
jackets and cassette or CD cases as enhancements to the liner notes. For
example, I placed the interview with Gary Primich that Cathi N. did in the
CD case for "Travelin' Mood", properly credited to Cathi, of course. [Thanks,
Girlfriend!!] Shrink the font, and you can get lots of info in a small

Oh, yeah, experience the effect of difference tones, and especially
that of pitch beating that has recently been discussed here, try's
really WEIRD! Rather than playing two notes available on the harp, play just
one and then sing along with it, sliding the note until you come close to the
note on the harp. With some notes that are more distinctly separate from the
harp's note, you can easily hear the difference tones that are created. And
by coming close in pitch to the note being played, you can create the pitch
beating phenomena, at various speeds, depending on closeness to the note, and
it's really intriguing if you try to exactly match the note...but frustrating,
too! But, something to do at least, when "those nice young men in their clean
white coats" come to take you away...HA-HA!


*** Bobbie ***

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