From: Mike Curtis <;>;
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 00:05:48 -0800 (PST)
Subject: More on the Harp-L Tape

I've tried to get hold of Steve Jennings, but no luck, so I've decided to
proceed with the harp-l tape on my own, and let steve handle his end as a
separate project. Probably just as well, anyway - I have well over 60
minutes worth, and if Steve has anything like this, we'll need two tapes.
C-90 is the longest you can get in a decent quality tape - the longer ones
don't hold up well.

I'll be sending out the first tapes in maybe a week or two. These will be
done on a "time available" basis, and because of the large number of
orders, will probably take a couple months to roll off all the copies
needed. Which is another reason I've decided to proceed.

Thanks everyone for patiently waiting. Even though this is by no means a
"professional" quality tape (it's been done mostly on home tape machines),
take my word - it's going to be well worth the wait. There's a good
variety of material, ranging from good beginner level all the way up to "I
didn't know you could do _THAT_ on harmonica". Even my wife the skeptic
likes it - and that says a LOT!

And the sound quality isn't all _that_ rough. I did the master on a good
quality deck.

Below is a list of everyone I received a tape from. If you're missing,
information is incorrect, etc., please let me know BEFORE I do labels and

What's on the tape:

Side 1:

1. Woodsheddin' Cheestones
2. Low Growl Winslow Yerxa
3. "Sermon" excerpts Rod Thomas
4. b4iTcOOL Maggotbreath (AKA Harv Andruss)
5. ??? James Hanson
6. Flight of the bumblebee Marv Monroe
7. I just called to say I love you Jack Ely
8. Tired of trying High Rollers (Pat Powers)
9. I don't want to leave this town Maasaka Shigehara
10. You don't love me baby Van Fischer

and I padded out the end (not enough to squeeze anyone in here) with some
short demo cuts from Mike Curtis and INDIO (one of the perks of doing the
work :-) (I play guitar, harp, and share vocal duties with the other
guitarist, John Lamain.)

Side 2:

11. Doggin' me around Iron Man MIKE CURTIS
12. You cant judge a book by
looking at the cover Midnight Blues (Steve Levine)
13. What I won't do for you Elliott (New) & the Untouchables
14. Summertime part I Harmonica John Santana
15. Turkey in the straw John Wick
16. 12 bar blues in E David Drazen
17. He leadeth me Rich Rittenhouse
18. Too loose to matter Gary (Segal) and the

and I filled out the end with my solo stuff:

Blackbird/here, there, and everywhere medley (guitar/harp only), Chicken
Shack (harmonica, guitar, bass pedals), What's goin' on (I use a sequencer
with this one - I programmed drums and played electric piano, key bass,
and synth horn parts into the sequencer, a MIDI recording device - and
play guitar and harp "live"), and part of "Linda Lu".

-- mike

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