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On Thu, 9 Nov 1995 10:14:09 -0800 you wrote:

>;Thanks to all for the wireless advice ! I bought the Shure TV58D model
>;for $359.00 I like to play clean with some reverb and delay staight to
>;the PA board and I'm used to the "ball" mic design of the 58 so this
>;works for me. I heard Jr. Wells uses this set up also.

He has the last few times I've seen him. I asked him about it at
Memphis in May a few years ago, and he said he used it because "sh#$,
Mother%^&%!, I got this mother%^&in wareless, because those
mother$%^$in soundmen will drive you mother^&%$in crazy! Mothe~!
You mother^&%in know what I mean, mother%^&%er?"

<;My apologies, but Jr has such an eloquent way about him, I couldn't
resist a direct quote. I spent an evening with Jr. and Champion Jack
Dupree in the trailer at Memphis in May a few years ago, and happened
to have my tape deck with me. As entertaining as the stories were,
I've never been able to edit out more than 45 seconds at a time before
one of them launched into a string of expletives.>;

>;back to
>;batteries...what is the best non rechargeable out there. Panosonic?

I imagine Mike will have a different take on this, but Consumer
Reports tested batteries and said there was very little difference
between batteries, and that as long as it was an alkaline, price
should be the determining factor. They recommended the radio shack
batteries, and I've been using them ever since.

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B.B. Bean - Have horn. Will travel.

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