From: "James Bassett" <;>;
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 1995 11:55:45 GMT
Subject: Re: Slagging off Harpers

>;I request that as a voluntary principle, we refrain from slagging off
>;harmonica players. I would prefer this list to be supportive of harmonica
>;layers of all levels regardless of their fame or age. As a guideline put
>;yourself in the shoes of the person you are writing about and ask yourself if
>;what you are writing is valid analysis or critique.


I disagree. I don't care who slags me off. I AM crap.--
If only everything in life was as reliable as a comp~$%???

>;it is a good thing to be aware of
>;areas we need to improve in. This is how we are able to progress.

How does this work for a beginner who needs to improve in all areas but doesn't
know what they are.

Sorry. I'm in a strange mood. It must be the weather. Back to the seriouse
stuff. A huge huge (that's very big indeed) thankyou to all who have given
advice on bending (esp Winslow) and the embouchre thread.
Yesterday I was inspired and so sneaked off early from Uni. (Bad Bad.
Please do not try this at home etc etc.) stuck on a compilation cd called
blues Harp boogie and skipped to my favourite track (who's name I can't
remember for the life of me, but it's a lovely, slow, soulfull tear jearker) by
Charlie Musselwhite. I played along (there was no-one around to annoy, not even
the neighbours, but the Cat seemed to be enjoying it) until it came to a long
drawn out last note. Suddenly it bent half way through and, withoput thinking
I just did the same.
When I finaly came round I searched back and tried it again but, nothing.
Again and again until I was about to give up and lost concentration and Bang
(or bend) there it was again. So I held it for as long as I could trying
desprately to fell where the effort was coming from ( a little difficult as I've
had tonsilitus for three weeks and can't really feel my throat). When I came
round I remembered feeling the muscles in my stomach (and boy what stomach, I'm
amazed I can feel anything through there) were sort of pulling up into my chest.
So I did it again and again and again (is this what you mean by practice
practice practice) but trying to relax and it just kept working. I also noticed
a lot going on at the back of my throat and I think i might of found my C-spot
(what a pick-up line you could make out of that). This was a draw 4 on C so I
started messing with the others and they are pretty much all working, though
I don't have the same control on some of the higher ones. I did notice
that the C-spot, if that's what it is, seems to move forward for higher notes
and back for lower ones. Is this right, have I found the C-spot, is it real
or am I just begining to hear what I want to and it's all really just a cruel
joke my ears are playing on me and when I try it infront of peolple they will
just laugh and say "what bend?" and, and ,and. Questions questions. I have
so many questions.
Who would have thought skipping Uni could be so rewarding and educational.

Thanks again

- ----
If only everything in life was as reliable as a comp~$%>;?

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