From: "Charles Williams  CS" <;CWILLI~OARW1.SSW.DHHS.GOV>;
Date: 06 Nov 1995 19:54:19 EST
Subject: Re:Annie Raines, Full Moon etc

Sorry to here that someone got turned away at the Full Moon for the
Paul Rishell and Annie Raines matinee show. Always best to call first because
some bars have had infractions for serving minors and don't let anyone in
unless with a parent and sometime not even then. The Full Moon probably has
been fined and thus the hard line doorman.

Annie acquitted herself very well and Paul Rishell is one very fine
guitarist. I really enjoy his National steel acoustic licks but he plays fine
electric too. He records on Tone Cool records out of the Boston area
and Annie is featured on several cuts on his latest recording. It was a real
pleasure to meet them and hear them.

As far as harp-ler Steve Levine is concerned, I think we might have have a
harmonica match up made in heaven.
He and Annie are the same age, similiar cultural backgrounds, and like to use
those mini amps - Stevie uses a pig nose - and plays acoustic style blues as
well as electric. He told me that he would have a hard time going out with
someone who plays harp better than he does ;-). Oh if only I was 25 again.
Ah, the young and the restless!

On the other hand I have recently heard some of Steve's latest recordings
and believe me is no slouch, either. In fact he sat in with Daryl Davis later
that same night. For those of you don't know him, Daryl is probably the best
boogie woogie piano player in the world IMHO and I have heard most of them, he
is also Pinetop Perkins' musical son, former Legendary Blues Band member-after
Pinetop left, and part-time Chuck Berry band member. So way to go Stevie.

P.S. - In answer to an earlier post about Zydeco - I have of late been playing
about 3 tunes a night in the Zydeco vein on the 16 hole chromatic which works
really well - Toot Toot, Jambalaya - with a mambo rhythm, and one original.
About 1 song a set keeps it interesting although I love practicing to Clifton
Chenier, Queen Ida, Boo Zoo Chavis, Terence Simien, etc. To keep it from
getting too boring - sometimes I get the band on a roll and then I play thru,
around, over them and eventually come back to where the band ends up. It gets
almost hypnotizing to the dancers. Boo Zoo (now 65 this past Monday) taught me
this and he had the first real Zydeco hit in 1954 called Paper in My Shoe.
Sometimes I will add a mild flanger effect to the chromatic and using the
slide can help to get that rolling accordion sound. I forgot that I also play
waltzes as so do most Zydeco bands - the old 1,2,3 - 1,2,3 - so even those can
count and if you add a little patois/France' folks think it is Louisiana
Zydeco. Don't forget that alot of Swamp Blues/Pop/Rock had that
Zydeco and Cajun and Creole influence.

Bon Ton Roulet from Choo Choo Charlie Williams, Clarksville, Maryland or

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