From: Andrew D. Gallagher <;GALLAG~ANMAIL.SHU.EDU>;
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 1995 12:36:12 -0500
Subject: harp-l-digest V1 #180 -Reply

Well I didn't check my E-mail for three days and now that I did I see
that my post about popper started a pretty big disscusion. I'm not
too good with E-mail yet so I don't know how to put other peoples
messages with mine but I would like to respond to a few. First of
all Blues Traveler did not get there name from a baby crying, rather
it comes from the movie "Ghost Busters" - something dealing with
gosag the traveler or something like that.
As I stated in my origonal post BT was what made me pick up the harp
in the first place. They are still one of my favorite bands but I
agree with those who see the lack of blues in there songs. I just
borrowed from my brother Paul Butterfield and the Blues Brakers and
Taj Mahol (dont know how to spell that), and I was blown away. That
is harmonica, it has such incredible feeling to it. I'm looking to
pick up more of their discs.
The main purpose of my origional post was to see if there was anyone
out there interested in giving lessons. I still am curious about
that, if anyone from N.J. gives lessons.
Lastly I woould like to comment on what someone said about 12 year
old punks listening to BT. Who cares? If they like the music and
only know the popular songs on the radio then what ccan you do. Them
liking BT at a younge age will lead them to good music as they get
older. I grew up at an early age listening to Michael Jackson and
Culture Club, now I listen mainly to Phish, Stones, and the Dead,
talk about a switch.


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