From: Glenn Pearl <;>;
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 21:29:27 -0600
Subject: Tino and Steve Guyger

At 09:26 AM 11/6/95 MNL, you wrote:
>; The Popper thread has sent me into my CD collection to pull out a
>; blues album apparently unknown on this list. On it, Popper guests on
>; 2 songs -- it's eye-opening. Perhaps the Popper nay-sayers should
>; give it a listen before passing final judgment.
>; The disc is titled: TINO -- TWO SIDES OF A HEART. It was put out in
>; 1994 on the Remedy label, RR 6911-2. (Remedy Records, P. O. Box 307,
>; Paradise, PA 17562, FAX 717-442-8073) The leader is Tino Gonzales --
>; never heard of him before, but he's good -- I like the album and play
>; it with some frequency.

>; Last observation: on the Tino album, there's a second harp player,
>; Steve Guyger (anyone know about him?), who also appears on two songs
>; (unfortunately, he's lost in the mix on one of them). Guyger plays
>; quite creditably in the Chicago tradition, an interesting counterpoint
>; to Popper on the album.

Wow! Very cool! I met the guy that engineered that album (and whose studio
it was rec. in), Bill Grabowski, at a recent Music Business Conference here
in New Orleans. We talked a bit about it. I meant to get around to posting
some of this, but, but, but...

Steve Guyger: don't know much except that Bill felt that he was a top-notch
player. He recommended that I track the Tino album down, not only b/c of my
interest in Popper. My notes are sketchy, but I think Steve has or is
coming out with his own album on the same label. I can always write to Bill
for more info!

Now for what I really wanted to post about this. Bill has in his studio
what he calls the absolute best mic/amp combo for harmonica. He said that
Steve, who was using a Green Bullet, was blown away by the sound. Its an
Electrovoice microphone and a Supertone amp. I'm not sure if it was used on
the album. That's all the info I have on it. Anyone with any more on these
items? Again, if more info is needed on them/ the CD's I can write him.

Its surprising to hear that there is a deficiency in the mix; I have an
album that Bill eng. and produced and its excellent. What are the credits
for those jobs on your cd?

And thanks for the complete catalog listing for the album! Now I don't have
to look hard! ;-)

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