Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 14:09:09 -0500

On Nov 1, Barry Schaede asked for info on the Borrah Minevitch 10" LP,
especially regarding the bass and chord harmonica artistry:

"By luck and the good graces of a drummer friend of mine I find myself in
possesion of an album of Borrah Minnevitch and his Harmonica Rascals.
It's a 10" LP on Capitol Records catalogur H490. It sold new for $3.98
in Sears. I have no idea of its release date. The songs are as follows:
Perfida, Warsaw Concerto, Caravan, Antra's Dance, Fantasie-Impromptu,
Malaguena, Jamaican Rumba, and Song of India. What strikes me as being
different about this than other harmonica band recordings I have is how
absolutely stunning the arrangements are. They lean towards jazz. The
bass and chord playing is simply superb. Anyone have an idea of the
release date and which incarnation of the Rascals this is? Any info
appreciated. I almost forgot the cover has Borrah Minnevitch smoking a
cigarette and an on end 64."

I am proud to say that the superb bass harmonica work was done by none
other than our own Harp-L'er Bill Walden (MINIVITCH)!!! As I am typing
this, I am listening once more to the album as I am taping it for Bill - he
doesn't have a copy of this one in his own collection, I just learned. Bill
is very proud of this album, as the arrangements were by Dave Doucette,
and did have the jazz feel, as Barry states. For more info regarding the
other artists, recording time frame, etc., I would suggest prompting Bill
to post this info.

Bill also recorded with Minevitch on the DeLuxe label for King Records -
catalog number 577. This album included two Minevitch groups - one
led by Leo Diamond, the other by Carl Ford. The Leo Diamond group
included Frank Marque, Richard Hayman, Vic Pace Pankowitz, and
Bill Walden, while the Carl Ford group consisted of Jo "Jo-Jo" DiFulvio,
Vincent "Vinegar" Yurgelis, and Dick Ryder.

The Diamond group tunes: September Song, Lullaby, In A Little Spanish
Town, I'll See You In My Dreams, Indian Summer, Prelude in C Sharp
Minor, and Tuxedo Junction.

The Ford group tunes: What Is This Thing Called Love, Tea For Two,
Donkey Serenade, Le Grisbi, and Jazz Pizzacato Boogie.

- - Danny Wilson (BassHarp)

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