From: Douglas Tate <;>;
Date: 04 Nov 95 11:52:27 EST
Subject: WHAT????

I Quote......

>;>;As to durability, if it's any comfort, Brendan Power has
>;>;swwitched from 270's and Herings to an all-CX kit (he has
>;>;12-holers in all available keys and numerous alternate tunings)
>;>;and takes them on the road without qualm in Britain and Ireland.

>;>;Winslow Yerxa
>;>;Harmonica Information Press

I am not certain whether I am to assume from this

a) Brendan, a world wide traveller, only uses CX12 in Ireland & UK, because we
would not know the difference, (lack of sophistication an' all that)

b) Brendan realises that the Irish and UK Citizens are so sophisticated that
they wouldn't be seen dead stealing a CS12 because of instant loss of street

c) When he gets back home he is so grateful to have survived the rest of the
world that he gets completely stonkers and doesn't care what he plays.

d) Brendan needs the peace and calm of the British Isles to finding one amongst
that lot which actually works.

It is this 'without qualms which worries me Winslow. You are so careful with
words. Is there something you know that we don't?

BTW, I had my periodic 'go' at a CX12 last week. Its rather like jogging.
Don't like it much but feel that there are social pressures to make me indulge
every so often. It has got a certain range which is very good but to my mind it
is not very consistant. I haven't tried the versions with different materials
for cover plates but I KNOW hat this makes a difference. I see in AHN that
there is an advert for custom made wooden covers. Tommy Reilly had a set about
30myears ago but didn't like them. Has anyone used them and found them good or

I really would like opinions about coverplate materials, in particular on
chromatic instruments. I've done fairly extensive tests and come to some
personal conclusions but I would like to hear what 'you lot' think.

Douglas T

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