From: Bobbie Giordano <;>;
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 19:13:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Losin' Blues

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Well, I've been thinkin' I just may have to drown my sorrow in the music
scene this week after that significant loss my hometown alma mater FSU
suffered to Virginia last night. Thought I might post my options and see
if anyone out there had an opinion or two they'd like to share.

Tonight and Saturday is mostly local bands and Richie Havens' benefit for
the hungry is tomorrow at a local concert hall, The Moon.

Sunday, Mary Chapin Carpenter and the Mavericks play the Civic Center for
$23 or more per ticket, but at The Moon, 5 bucks buys a show with Chris
Duarte, guitarist from Austin, TX. I know some of you have heard this guy,
any comment?

BTW, it must be Austin Week in Tallahassee, or else they all saved airfare
by coming in together. On Monday night, two Austintine acts play The Moon,
one being Marcia Ball, that cross-legged piano-pounder. But opening the
evening will be Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets, featuring Sam Myers. At
$7 a pop, doesn't this seem like an interesting opportunity? I've only heard
Myers on a couple of tunes on tape, not live. Hey! Speak of the red, horny
guy with tail and tights, Rob Quinn just mentioned him! [No characterization
intended, know what I mean.] Come back!! Tell me more!

Also, Thursday, a couple more blues guitarists appear locally...Another from
Austin, Sue Foley, plays a Strat and got good press in the write-up, and out
at my favorite dive for blues, Phillip Walker and band performs accompanied
by a Cajun BBQ buffet for $10. Anyone heard of these?

There's even rare acoustic jam and open mike nights at two places this week.
Heck, if I get depressed enough, who knows? I may just go out and embarrass
myself.....but I rather suspect I'll perk up before that happens. ;)

About John Popper.....a thought from Star Trek:
"Even in our own world, sometimes we are aliens."

Very funny, Scotty...Now beam me down my clothes! [LOVE that one, GW!]

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