From: Glenn Pearl <;>;
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 13:28:06 -0600
Subject: C-spot; being nosy

At 12:27 PM 11/3/95 EST, Winslow wrote:

>;If you move to the point that will produce the bent pitch
>;*before* engaging the bend, you can simply turn the bend on and
>;off by opening and closing the constriction point (by the way, I
>;call this the C-Spot. C for constriction, C for Control. Unlike
>;the G-spot, it's easily detected by science). Whether puckering
>;or tongue blocking, it's effected by the same part of your tongue
>;that says "K".
>;Learning to this (engaging the C-spot "cold" instead of sliding
>;into it will certainly improve your bending control. I can't say
>;whether it's more or less effective than opening the nose (which
>;simply opens up the resonant chamber with the C-spot engaged).

I have found that an excellent exercise (Holy Alliteration, Batman!) for
developing the 'C-spot' is to practice double- and triple-tongueing (sp?) on
both blow and draw notes. For those not familiar with this technique, for
DT, just say (or inhale, much like Bill did), "Ta-Ka" ; for TT, "Ta-Ka-Ta"
while playing. This has helped me get that necessary control over my
C-spot, and will also cause you to play with a more throaty tone, especially
on the draw notes. (and besides...Popper uses TT ;-) ...gave me the idea
to try it on harp (I played tuba for 15 years) )

On the subject of 'no nose is/isn't good nose':
I tend to use my nose as a pressure regulator (who else said this? Harm.
John? Mic'l?). I breathe in ~and~ out to keep my diaphragm balanced to
minimize the work and maximize the air pressure.

I've also noticed that sometimes when blowing on the lower, breathy reeds,
my cheeks will puff out slightly on the attack, but after the note is
started, they go back to normal. I know this is bad technique (like I said,
I was trained on tuba). I think this is due to the slight resistance of
these reeds to sound smoothly. Is there something I can do to the reeds to
make them easier to sound? Or do most of ye gods attenuate the airflow with
your diaphragm on these notes?

BTW, y'all, I've finally gotten my new account! Down with AOL!

Glenn Pearl
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