From: Bobbie Giordano <;>;
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 14:32:59 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Nose, Embouchure & Megaphone

A note to James Dunkerley...Thank God we got to you in time! At least I
hope we did! Get the tape off his he breathing again?!? Whew!
Methinks that author of your book/tape source is either a sado-masochist
or has gotten his harp instructions manual confused with his course in
scuba diving. Yes, open your nose while harping, and to refashion the
words of Ben Franklin, "Snort Proudly!" Who also said, "Necessity has no
law," and breathing is a necessity in my book.

+ + + + + +

Keith Graham's remarks on embouchure...

>; New players want to pucker up like a kiss. I tell them they are not
>; kissing their sisters. The harp requires a little R rated action.

...reminds me of what I said to the fellow who introduced me to harp.
In typical youthful exuberance, but in all honesty, too, I blurted out,
"God! I LOVE this! It's like making love to the music, isn't it?!"

I still think that.

+ + + + + +

Lastly, Joe Lempkowski related this:

>; I remember reading in Willie Dixon's biography that he said Big Walter
>; was the best harmonica player he ever heard. He would cut the ends off
>; a tin can and make the harp sound likea trombone.

Back in the "resonance chamber era" of Harp-L discussions, I experimented
with soda straws trimmed to allow them to fit into a hole on the harmonica,
and the resulting sounds were unusual, to say the least. And yes, you can
bend notes. The sound was often like a muted trumpet. Totally impractical,
though, from the standpoint that moving and readjusting the straw takes time.
My original thought was to find out about playing the harp at some distance
removed from the resonant cavities of the mouth, sinuses, throat, etc. But know, with some brass tubing, cut all one length, welded together
like a pan flute, attached to a harp, lining up each tube with a hole, and a
redesigned set of covers that flare out 6-8 inches from the comb and plates,
a unified construction that slips onto the harp from the back, silver-plated
outside with a porcelain-enameled interior cone. Well....maybe not.

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