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Microphone Replacement Elements
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Genuine Astatic Crystal Element!!! This is the original Astatic MC-151 element. I am selling a small number of them now. These are authentic MC-151 made by Astatic. Each element is tested before shipping. These fit most bullet style mics including JT-30, T-3, Astatic 200, Shure 707, Shure 520, Turners, American, and similar mics. Some mics require that you trim the rubber gasket or order a specialty gasket from The back of the element has MC-127 cast into the casing, but Astatic broke the 151 mould so they use the 127 one. There is a paper label with MC-151 on it. No returns after 2 weeks. No returns of soldered elements. I will issue credit only, up to 14 days after purchase if returned element has not been soldered. $ 165.00
Microphone Adapters
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Amphenol Adapter Switchcraft 1/4 inch to Amphenol 5/8" Mic connection adapter. $ 14.00
Microphone Connectors
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Amphenol type Male Connector (Switchcraft) 5/8" Amphenol type connector for old mics - made by Switchcraft. This is used to add a classic microphone connection to a mic. Use it on home made shells or to repair old mics $ 9.00
Amphenol type Female Cable Connector 5/8" Amphenol type female 2501 type connector for old mics - made by Switchcraft. For making custom mic cords. This is used to make your own mic cable. Cut the end off an old guitar cord, solder this on and you have a microphone cable. Most old radios used by HAM radio operators used this connector. This is the kind most often found in Astatic JT-30 mics, and most Turner mics. $ 9.00
Switchcraft 1/4" deep panel jack I use these instead of the Amphenol type connectors. It saves money because you don't need an adapter. Just use a standard guitar plug. It is convenient and using an angled guitar plug makes the mic very streamlined. Just make sure that there is room for it. There should be 2 inches of clear space inside the mic, but the end tab can be bent saving 1/4 inch. If the body angles in, the jack may hit the element. Measure carefully. $ 6.00
MC2F Female Connector 2 hole MC2F connector. Use this on a the some Astatic and Shure mics that have two prongs for the holes in this connector. Use this to make your own cables. This is the FEMALE connector that plugs into the bottom of old mics that have two offset prongs on the mic. $ 16.00
JT-30 Parts
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JT-30 screws 4-40 by 3/8 replacement screws. Zinc plated. You can get these at any hardware store but for convenience you can add them to your order. Two included. 2 for $1.00 $ 1.00
Misc. Items
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Crown Royal Bag Crown Royal Bag. Purple Velvet with Yellow drawstring. Perfect for keeping your JT-30 safe from dings and scratches. Or use for your golf clubs. Guitar players use them for their stomp boxes and tuners. Good for polishing furniture, making plush toys and holding coin collections. $ 5.00
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We are happy to accept returns on new unused items, but shipping is nonrefundable. We can't accept soldered or damaged returned items. Elements are returnable for credit only up to two weeks after sale and only if the element has not been soldered. After 14 days, no returns on elements.

sold out Microphone adapter for old microphones. Lets you use a standard guitar cord with a JT-30. This is the Switchcraft connector
2501MP Switchcraft connector. This is the amphenol type connector that goes on the bottom of old microphones. It has a 3/8 inch threaded connector which fits (loosely) in the JT-30 shell sold here. If you buy this for the shell, you must drill a tap a hole for a set screw to hold it in place in the shell.
2501F cable connector for making your own guitar cords. This is cheaper than the Switchcraft adapter (but not so cool) Steal a guitar cord from one of the guitar players, cut one end off and solder one of these in place and you get a dedicated microphone cord.

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