Christelle Berthon

2010-04-12 10:55:40

Nice Paul Butterfield technique. Not enough women play harp, but those who do are killers.


2010-05-01 06:22:46
deb cole
Christelle is awesome!! I loved it! She has just inspired me to learn how to play.My son is 8 and is trying to learn as well. We are going to learn together. You go girl, your amazing!

2010-04-12 13:13:37
She has a myspace page: with some tunes, in with BB ?? Unfortunately, the rest of the tunes are soft and romantic sounding compared to the rough edge from this video - I notice the guy in the video a bit metalish ?? She should certainly consider teaming up with some Americans and lose some of the French softness - because you are right - this little solo was "killer" This is what I aspire to as a player, but miles from it.

2010-04-12 12:55:56
$^%$&!!!! Does she sing as well or play in a band regular??


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